The Source

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Acqua Santa Croce has its source in the uncontaminated heart of the Simbruine Mountains, part of the Abruzzese Apenines at a height of 800 meters. This protected region, a National Park, guarantees pureness and quality. The water springs directly from the mountainside, not needing any capture and maintaining its original purity. The best conceivable natural micro filter, the rock, releases the correct balanced amount of mineral salts. Acqua Santa Croce is an oligomineral water (*) with a rate of Total Dissolved Solids of 173.3 mg/l avouching for a well balanced supply of mineral salts. But that's not all!
Acqua Santa Croce has another two specific precious features: 1) a very low content in sodium (the normal salt used in the kitchen): only 0,95mg/l; an equally low content of nitrates (valid for indicating the degree of pollution) only 1,2mg/l. The World Health Organisation recommends, for children, water with less than 10 mg/l of nitrates. We would like to mention a few more beneficial effects of our water: it's prescribed in low-sodium diets, it encourages the elimination of ureic acid, and it helps the hepatic metabolism, the renal exchange and promotes a healthy digestion. All these characteristics distinguish Acqua Santa Croce from the other Italian mineral waters, mostly captured from vertical wells from different depths in the soil. The surplus water that isn't used for bottling, is directed towards the little lakes inside the National Park, and available for all those who, respecting the environment, like to taste the quality and the purity of Acqua Santa Croce.